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Story line

The story centers on Sebastian "Baste" Javier (Zanjoe Marudo), a kind-hearted veterinarian from Batangas, who chose to succeed his father Eliseo (Ariel Ureta) as the president of ENS Dairy Corporation, in order to preserve his parents' strained relationship. With the help of his trusted friend, Michael (Ketchup Eusebio), and his devoted executive assistant, Alex (Beauty Gonzalez), Baste transforms himself from a boardroom neophyte into a learned businessman. But it was a decision that came with a painful cost - Angel (Neri Naig), his one great love. Left with a broken heart, Baste meets Baby (Jana Cassandra Agoncillo) - a wide-eyed orphan girl who believes that he is her long-lost father. The two are forced to work together when Baby suddenly bags the much coveted role of becoming the new face of Wink Milk, the flagship product of Baste's company. As they spend more time with each other, Baby begins to see through Baste's pain and, in him, the father she longed for all her life. Even with the knowledge that Baste is indeed not her biological father, Baby chooses to help him piece his heart back together. And in the process, Baste learns to trust and gambles on love once again. Eventually, Baste and his assistant Alex fell in love with each other and even planned for a wedding. Consequently, the two bond in an unlikely love story between a bachelor relearning to love the simple joys in life and a young kid whose spirit does not know how to stop loving. In the series, Baste was able to get custody as an adoptive parent of Baby. This happened despite the presence of Baby's biological mother, Bebeth (Yen Santos). In the end, Baste realizes that behind every great man, and every great father – may it be by blood, or otherwise – is a family that never fails to support him despite all his shortcomings.

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